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Travel With Intent

We start with your "why" to create a trip as unique as you.

Tango in four steps...

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with Intent.

With the Tango Intention Framework, Designers craft custom trips with Sense of Place to match your why, what and how.  Book in seconds and be supported along the way. All via your Tango Trip app.


Trip Intent

Why are you traveling?  How do you want to feel? Intention is the glue that makes trips cohesive. Like an outfit where “everything just goes”.


Trip Ingredients

Are you a foodie? Art fan? Nature lover? From food stalls to Michelin stars, we cull our local Sense of Place recs to craft a trip that’s right for you. No tourist traps, promise.


Trip Anatomy

Do you pack it in? Are you a planner? Knowing your style, we calibrate your journey: higher intensity start, mix in play, leave room for reflection and culminate with celebration.

Tango in
four steps

Uncover your Trip Intent.

Take the Tango Intention Quiz to identify your why, what, and how.  

View Expert Crafted Trip.

Within 48 hours, unlock the Tango Trip app with a video message from your Designer about your bespoke trip. Add your finds to the mix.  

Book All (or Parts) in One Click.

Book your trip in seconds from your custom trip menu. Skip the admin work.  

Relax. We’ve Got You.

From culture-rich destination digests to on demand support and reservations, Tango is by your side every step of the journey.

Pricing Plans

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Trip Review

Have a Tango expert take a look at the trip you've built. We'll answer questions, call out any red flags, and share our Little Black Book, optimized for you.


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Have a Tango expert craft a bespoke trip with Sense of Place matched to your intent, preferences & budget. Book in seconds or on your own. Upgrade to Explorer Plus available.


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Explorer Plus

The "Leave it to Us" plan. Includes everything in the Explorer Plan, plus a dedicated Trip Manager, day-by-day trip design, experience bookings + on trip support. $350 cash back when Tango books your Stays.


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Let's Dance

Tell us your travel style and we'll build a trip just for you.

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“If you travel far enough, you’ll eventually meet yourself.”

Joseph Campbell